KTS 540
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KTS 540 Wireless Diagnostic Tester 
Fully expandable PC Based Wireless Diagnostic Tester 
The KTS 540 ECU scanner has the added advantage of a Bluetooth Interface, that allows the convenience and mobility of a wireless connection between your PC and KTS module.

KTS 530 IBOX Module




The KTS 540 also includes the integrated IBOX module which can be removed and is electronically upgradeable to allow future interface expansion as new diagnostic protocols are released.

The most important Diagnostic tool in the workshop is information.
Only Bosch provides a Total Support Package consisting of:

• A comprehensive Diagnostic Training program and professional Technical Support Hotline
• ESI[tronic], an integrated software program, featuring a complete guided repair analysis from fault code to replacement part application.
• Updated quarterly, ESI[tronic] is supported by local software development program providing ever expanding vehicle coverage.

When you buy your diagnostic tool from Bosch not only do you get a comprehensive and high tech service tool, you receive a complete business partner.


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