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2016-05-03 | Mobility Solutions

Electronic driver assistance system for trams

*Hesse's technical supervisory authority approves Bosch's collision warning system with automatic braking for use in public transportation. *Driver assistance systems ease tram drivers' workload and increase passenger safety. *Bosch uses radar and video sensors from its automotive sector in rail transport. *Bosch Engineering develops the first step towards automated trams. more

2016-05-03 | Spare parts, diagnostics, workshop equipment, workshop concepts

Professional leak diagnosis with the new Bosch SMT 300 leak finder

*To detect leaks on intake and exhaust gas systems as well as on windows and door seals *Mobile application using the vehicle battery as source of power *Can be used on almost any vehicle more

2016-04-28 | Spare parts, diagnostics, workshop equipment, workshop concepts

New Bosch cabin filter for allergy sufferers

*FILTER+ with three active filter layers ensures clean air inside the vehicle *Retains allergens, annihilates bacteria, filters finest dusts *Filters for health-conscious car drivers: standard and activated-carbon filters, FILTER+ more

2016-04-27 | Bosch eBike Systems | Bosch Energy and Building Solutions | Business/economy | Car Multimedia | Energy and Building Technology | HR and CSR issues | Location | Mobility Solutions | Research | Sustainability

Annual press conference 2016


2016-04-27 | Business/economy

Bosch's diversification as a strategic advantage: a high-tech company that is also a supplier of services




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