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2016-06-22 | Business/economy

Bosch establishes research office in Tel Aviv

*Focus on collaboration with scientific institutions and start-ups in fields such as machine learning, robotics, cybersecurity, connectivity, and IoT *Denner: “In per capita terms, no other country is as innovative as Israel, and few cities can match Tel Aviv for the number of start-ups set up there” *Robert Bosch Venture Capital office in Tel Aviv provides capital to start-ups from the technology industry *Bosch products have been available in the Israeli market since 1965 more

2016-06-21 | Packaging Technology

Bosch presents Connected Shopfloor Solutions: Hard- and Software for Industry 4.0

*The APAS workstation: people and robots working hand in hand *Connected automation reduces workload: focus on the operator *IT Shopfloor Solutions: scalable automation system to make production and logistics safer and more transparent more

2016-06-21 | Packaging Technology

Ampack carousel filling machine awarded 3-A certificate

*Improved hygienic design recognized by globally renowned quality mark *Compliance with North American standards and regulations *Strengthening position on the U.S. liquid food market more

2016-06-21 | Bosch Sensortec, Akustica

Bosch Sensortec launches the world’s smallest 9-axis motion sensor

*Ultra-low power consumption helps extend usage intervals of battery driven devices *Enables smart watch gestures, step counting, magnetic heading and device orientation *Pin- and register-compatible with BMI160 for design flexibility more

2016-06-15 | Business/economy

Growth engine India: Bosch successful in the local market

*Asia Pacific head Peter Tyroller: “Indian market offers immense growth opportunities for Bosch” *2011-2015: Bosch invested more than 680 million euros in India *Dual education offered by Bosch in Bangalore for 55 years now *Bosch offers many software-related jobs in India more



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