Gasoline Systems

Gasoline Systems
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Modern vehicles have to meet ever-more-demanding requirements in respect of economical fuel consumption, low emissions, and driving fun. In order to fulfill all these demands simultaneously it is no longer enough just to further develop individual components.

Progress can only be achieved by an integrated approach: so at Bosch Gasoline Systems we place competence for the entire drivetrain under one roof. We utilize the complex interrelationships between part systems in order to develop new, trailblazing solutions which go beyond the individual systems: Driving Powertrain.


Areas of operation

  • Engine Management
  • Modules and engine components
  • Fuel supply
  • Sensors
  • Ignition
  • Electronic throttle control (ETC)
  • Plug-in connections
  • Transmissions
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • FlexFuel
  • Hybrid technology