Household appliances

Household Appliances
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With its wide range of reliable and energy efficient products, Bosch Siemens household appliances (BSH) takes the chore out of household duties. This strong benefit focus and close customer contact have made Bosch one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household appliances.

To ensure that it can continue in the future to serve customers' needs, BSH promotes the development of innovative technologies. Striving for quality and perfection is reflected not only in the proven functionality of the appliances and powerful technology, but also in product design that has been repeatedly recognized with awards. Treating people and nature with respect has been a corporate principle from the beginning and is reflected in the company's energy-efficient, resource-conserving and sustainable products and processes.


Bosch household appliances satisfy the highest performance standards and offer maximum user convenience. The Bosch product philosophy is characterised by outstanding style and enduring value. The premium quality is tangible in the precious materials and visible in the workmanship.

Quality of life

Bosch appliances make daily life and household chores more enjoyable by taking the chore out of people’s household duties thus creating more quality of life everyday.