Commodity Pyramids


All Suppliers should attempt to reach the top of the Pyramid. To reach this Bosch requires excellence in Quality, Delivery, Price and Support

To provide vision and set direction for key commodities, Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Purchasing has set up cross-functional teams for its key commodities. Teams, led by the direct buyers are supported by Purchasing Quality and where required take input from Material Planning (CLP), Manufacturing and Development functions both locally and overseas.

Following on the corporate principals of Supplier Pyramids, its aim is to categorize the existing supplier base into strategy levels that,

1. directs supplier development efforts to improve key performance areas and

2. sets preference for new business opportunities based on merit.

Importance is given to quality, cost, delivery and service performance. Based on performance and Bosch strategic requirements, short and long term plans are developed for each supplier. Fostering technical and commercial competition, the Commodity Teams encourage new and existing suppliers to provide new technologies and competencies within the major material fields.

A pyramid format is used to represent supplier hierarchy. Positions within the pyramid are dynamic and all our suppliers are encouraged to set the goal of becoming a "Preferred Supplier" to Bosch.