Occupational Health & Safety


Robert Bosch Australia believes that the health and safety of our employees is of absolute importance in all aspects of our business.

This belief stems from our core values and flows through to our actions to meet and exceed all moral and legal requirements as part of our commitment to each and every employee to provide and sustain healthy and safe workplaces.

The obligation to continuously review and improve our workplace and ensure that it meets the highest standards of health and safety rests with each and every employee. A deeper obligation extends to our leadership and management team to take the lead in improving the health and safety of our employees.

The Board of Management accepts responsibility for the health and safety of our employees through implementation of the Health and Safety Business Plan.

The Motive

An organisation or a company works according to regulations. Everything revolves around employee-centered safety with all activities, and employees are also responsible themselves for safety.

Health & Safety Logo

The round shape shows the employee in the centre is being protected, while the division into two parts signifies there are rules responsibilities. The combined inner and outer circular shape shows that an interaction exists between these sets of rules and individual responsibilities.