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Bosch in Australia

Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions

We are the preferred supplier of advanced manufacturing solutions and integrations to Australian businesses

manufacturing solutions

We provide 135 years of Bosch quality and expertise to Australian manufacturers.

For our customers we apply a 'global/local' approach. We draw on the experience, knowledge and resources of talent across the globe for manufacturing solutions here in Australia. Simply put, this means our customers receive manufacturing solutions that are innovative while delivering world-class results.

Our Key Services

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Consulting Services

With over 65 years of machine building experience our team understands how to improve manufacturing and can advise on:

  • Lean line design
  • Design for manufacture
  • VSM & VSD
  • Feasibility Studies

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Robotics & Automation

We have vast experience in designing and building a range of reliable robotics and automation applications including:

  • Automated assembly
  • Packing
  • Palletising
  • Labeling
  • Vision
  • High precision mechanical assembly

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Production Line Systems

As a global leader in automation and Industry 4.0 products, our team has the knowledge and experience to integrate any components into a full production/processing solution. Our integration also extends into other IT, ERP and MES systems.

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i4.0 Solutions & Advocacy

As the world of manufacturing demands smarter and more connected solutions, Bosch are a global provider and user of i4.0 solutions.

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Machine Servicing

With a global presence and a reputation for reliability, you will rest easy knowing we offer vaious options for support and routine maintenance on your machine.

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Test & Measurement Systems

Smart and reliable testing can reduce risk, improve quality and ensure your manufacturing is producing products of the highest possible standard.

Our Key Markets

Manufacturing is part of our DNA, we understand the unique environments of each individual manufacturer. To help our manufacturing clients we focus on four key markets, working to reduce operating costs, and improve safety & quality.


Medtech & Pharma

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We're a leading supplier of smart manufacturing solutions to medical device manufacturers in Australia.

Businesses that deliver pharmaceuticals or medical technology/devices are bound to strict demands for precision and quality. With Bosch's reputation for quality and precision equipment, we are capable of meeting even the most stringent requirements.

For the medical device manufacturing industry we provide:

  • automation production
  • i4.0 implementations
  • rigorous testing machines
  • bespoke manufacturing integrations


Food & Beverage

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We are experts in finding new levels of efficiency for food and beverage manufacturers.

Similiar to Pharma and Medtech, Food and Beverage companies have rigorous quality conditions and require high levels of automation to meet cost and throughput obligations. BAMS expertise in precision and automation ensure we are able to deliver comprehensive solutions every time.

For the Food and Beverage manufacturing industry, we specialise in:

  • packing and palatalising systems
  • i4.0 implementations
  • line sensing and quality controls


Advanced Manufacturing

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Advanced Manufacturing solutions provide our customers with cutting-edge, proven manufacturing implementations.

With a wide range of products and specialised processes, BAMS is able to create advanced efficiency through the implementation of smart automation systems.

BAMS expertise in Advanced Manufacturing includes:

  • full automation systems
  • high precision robotics
  • i4.0 implementations


Electronics Manufacturing

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We provide solutions to assist electronic manufacturers who specialise in the manufacture of circuit boards.

Our electronics manufacturing team are experts at analysing, detecting and testing electronic components and equipment.

Our expertise in Electronics Testing includes:

  • circuit board testing
  • electronic equipment testing
  • stress testing
  • warranty testing


Our Clients & Associations

We are proud to work with the following industry leading businesses.



Industry know-how

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Ready to help

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For product or sales enquiries in Australia or New Zealand, contact:

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