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Industry 4.0 at Bosch Australia

industry 4.0

Towards a Connected Industry with Bosch

Industry 4.0 solutions from Bosch for the entire value stream.

What will customers want in the future? They will demand a wider range of variants and more personalized products. Thus, future production must be able to adapt quickly to changed market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the answer to this challenge.

How to manufacture #LikeABosch

Industry 4.0 is when factories can be adapted to any requirements and learn independently at the same time. For Bosch, the secret here is to combine the best of people, data, and machines. And while artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms make processes simpler, more efficient, and more flexible, people still have full control over everything that happens.

Industry 4.0 Workshops

Industry 4.0 up close - embark on a guided tour through our Bosch headquarters and learn about our products and solutions in practice. Experience Industry 4.0 in action.


People as Key Players

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