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Engraving a place in your heart

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Ross Taylor is a young man from Midland in Perth, Western Australia. He recently bought a run-down house to restore. When he was picking up his late grandfather’s sander to work on a window frame, he noticed it needed some repairs.

Ross has been using the Bosch DIY Orbital Sander (PEX 125 AE) for the past 30 years. It’s an obsolete model that was first made in the 1980s. The sander is particularly special to Ross for one main reason – his grandfather engraved his initials into the handle.

“My grandfather was a carpenter by trade. Growing up, our relationship was as close as close can be. Everything he did was about fixing things and we worked on many home projects together”, said Ross.

When Ross noticed the sander needed repairing, he considered buying a new cordless sander, but that would mean retiring his grandfather’s sander, along with all the special memories of using it together.

"This sander has my grandpa’s name that he engraved into the body. I’d like to hold the same handle he held all those years ago. It would mean the world to me if it could be rebuilt."
Ross wrote in a message to the Bosch DIY Facebook page
power tool sander engraved
The Bosch sander is engraved with Ross' grandfather's name.
bosch museum tools
Finding the historical sander in the Bosch museum.

The Bosch DIY team reached out to our counterparts in Germany to find out if they could be of assistance. In Germany, the DIY development team have a museum of historical parts and reserve samples. Could there possibly be a 30-year-old sander matching Ross’ requirements? The museum was searched, and they were able to find the exact model that Ross needed for his spare parts!

The parts were shipped to Bosch in Perth and the Area Sales Manager, Christian Martin, stepped in to finalise the repair process. He lovingly collected the sander from Ross, took it to Beyond Tools repairs service, and together with the parts from the museum, the sander was carefully restored to full functionality.

“This kind of thing shows what a great company we are, that we really care. Ross was absolutely thrilled, it meant a lot to him”, remarked Christian.

power tool sander flat lay
Bit by bit, the sander was lovingly restored to full functionality.

Ross is choked up when he talks about the experience, “I think you can tell by the sound of my voice that I’m emotional. I can’t even express how much this means to me, it’s just amazing”, he said.

The words ‘Invented for Life’ appear on all of our products. At Bosch, we firmly believe in making a tangible contribution to improving the quality of people’s lives. That belief is reflected especially well here. All the best Ross, and thank you.