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Trailer Safety Control

Trailer Safety Control
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The world’s most advanced “on-trailer“ safety product

Towing a trailer can be dangerous due to situations like unexpected driving conditions, incorrect loading or driver inexperience. Trailer safety control (TSC) monitors individual wheel speeds and activates the electric braking system on the trailer itself, significantly increasing the stability of both the towed vehicle and the towing vehicle during critical events. Combining advanced driver assistance algorithms and hardware, the system intelligently intervenes faster and more precisely than human drivers can - helping to reach a destination more safely.

Instant Detection of critical driving situations such as wheel slip, sway, swerve

Automatic Control of the trailer brakes to stabilize the trailer and the towing vehicle

Better Informed through connected odometer and diagnostics functions

Up to 90% of serious trailer related accidents can be prevented or reduced in severity*

* Source: Caravan Buyers Guide

Trailer safety technology that keeps up within an evolving world

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Operation principle of trailer safety control

Trailer safety control is a Bosch developed product which provides an increased level of safety to the trailer, towing vehicle and passengers. Incorporating functions such as trailer antilock braking system (ABS), trailer sway mitigation and trailer lane change control, it provides a new level of safety control on electric braked trailers.

Assisted braking with the help of ABS

The ABS function provides the stability foundation for TSC. It monitors the wheels for brake locking due to over-braked wheels for the road surface. As soon as it detects wheel slip, the ABS modulates the brake request to avoid wheel locking by isolating the locked wheel brake control from the tow-vehicle brake controller, and controling the brake with a determined braking algorithm. This keeps the trailer steerable and improves directional stability especially during emergency braking.

Assisted sway mitigation and lane change control

The features of the trailer sway mitigation and the lane change assist detect critical driving situations like trailer sway or swerving manoeuvres and apply the brakes independently of the driver to keep the trailer stable.

The trailer sway mitigation within the TSC monitors the trailer’s movement around the vertical axis for an oscillating sway pattern that indicates trailer sway is gaining momentum. When it detects actual trailer sway, it actively applies the trailer brakes on each wheel individually to reduce the sway oscillations and stabilize the trailer, without the need of braking input from the driver.

The lane change control functionality monitors the trailer’s movement around the vertical axis for a rapid change as this indicates the trailer has had a sudden change in direction. When it determines a critical lane change event, it actively applies the trailer brakes on each wheel individually without the need of braking input from the driver.

Trailer Safety Control

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